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Armin Hofmann


graniph is proud to be able to present tshirts bearing the artwork of one of the most significant Swiss designers of the 20th century, Armin Hofmann.

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Armin Hofmann
Armin Hofmann, born in in Winterthur in 1920 is one of the most significant Swiss graphic designers of the last century. As proprietor of his own studio, he made a definitive contribution to the outstanding reputation of Swiss graphic design, and as a teacher, he deeply influenced a generation of young designers world wide. In 1973, Hofmann was made an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts in London; in 1987, he received an honorary doctorate degree from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia; and in 1997, he received the Culture Prize of the City of Basel. 
Armin Hofmann’s work unites thoughtfulness and social cons- cience, methodology and experimental candor. He opposes the arbitrariness and guesswork of quick results in favor of subtle, open and intensive investigations, variations, and combinations, and his masterful handling of letterforms and images withstands any formal evaluation. His unique and precise visual statements convey something beyond advertising art, however – a model ethics of communication that has inspired designers around the world. This is the soul that distinguishes his work and speaks to the viewer at an emotional level after many years. 
Most of Hofmann’s posters were created for such cultural insti- tutions in Basel as the Municipal Theater, the Kunsthalle Basel and the Museum of Applied Arts. They communicate an uncom- mon symbolic strength. A militant vigor resides in Hofmann’s visual language that rejects the standards of the short-lived consumer culture, and his posters function in public spaces as fresh alternatives to the mundane. A marked absence of color directs the eyes of the viewer to perceive form, composition, and message, and through this reduction Hofmann transforms his letterforms into autonomous images and his photographs into iconic symbols.

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