Helmut Schmid, the Austrian born Basel School trained German typographer, has worked in Basel, Stockholm, West Berlin, Montreal, Vancouver and Duesseldorf, before settling in Osaka Japan.
His passion for type and typography has recently been summarized in the book "Helmut Schmid: Gestaltung ist Haltung / design is attitude" published 2007 at Birkhauser Basel. It is the final result of the three year design project "schmidtoday" at the design department of Fachhochschule Duesseldorf (under Malsy & Teufel).
Besides the book of 344 pages (designed by Fjodor Geijko), and a digital schmid archive, an exhibition was planned and held in Seoul, Basel, Duesseldorf, Tokyo, Osaka and Sofia.Since 2000 Helmut Schmid has a class in typography at KDU in Kobe, interrupted in 2005 by three semesters at Hongik University in Seoul. His self-initiated book projects include "typography today" (2003) and "Ruder typography, Ruder philosophy" (2009) published at Seibundo Shinkosha and "the road to Basel" (1997) published at Robundo.
His commercial works include bilingual brand identities (Pocari Sweat), visual identities (Kobe Belle) and logomarks (Maquillage).




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